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Maximize Growth Potential & Production

Every farm environment has unique opportunities and challenges. Your young animals’ performance is determined by your ability to recognize their specific needs and to make the necessary adjustments to your feeding program based on their genetic potential, housing environment, and environmental conditions. The greater  the producers’ ability to recognize the challenges of the environment, the greater the opportunity to improve growth and average daily gain, which means improved  growth for veal/ beef calves, higher 1st lactation milk production for dairy calves, and improved general health and vitality for calves, kids and lambs alike- all factors that improve your bottom line.

There are key management tools available to help producers meet growth potential and profitability:

Colostrum: Proven to be the key to young animal health and vitality, ensuring that newborns receive a high quality colostrum in the right concentrations is an investment into a successful and profitable rearing program. Ensure that calves receive a high quality colostrum within 6 hours of birth. Utilizing Calf’s Choice Total™ colostrum replacer and Grober Lamb/ Kid Colostrum replacer ensures that the correct quantity of total protein and nutrients are delivered to the newborn, guaranteeing broad-spectrum immunity and cleanliness, as well as being a time efficient management strategy.

Acidified Milk Replacer: Environmental challenges due to the season and housing may impact young animals’ performance. It is predicted that a 7.8% pre-weaning mortality exists due to the pressure of these challenges. Acidified milk replacer is proven to be an effective management tool to reduce disease incidence while optimizing milk intake and feed efficiency. On farm trials performed by Grober Nutrition strongly supported the use of acidified milk replacer to help animals perform better. Grober Nutrition’s line of acidified milk replacers is available in specific dairy calf, kid, lamb, and veal product lines.

 Accelerated Feeding Program: Defined as feeding a high protein milk replacer at higher quantities, accelerated feeding programs are shown to not only maximize growth, reduce age of first calving and improve 1st lactation milk production, accelerated feeding programs are showing improved immune function and health. Implementing the right feeding program on-farm can take advantage of the pre-ruminant feed efficiency to maximize their growth and pre-weaning success. Providing a gradual weaning schedule with free choice fresh water and calf starter will ensure a productive start in the post-weaning phase.

 Environment: Providing a clean, dry environment with good ventilation and sound management will allow these tools to further optimize your rearing program.

GroStart™ Colostrum Replacer, Calf’s Choice Total™ Colostrum Replacer, Grober Lamb/Kid Colostrum Replacer, and Grober Milk Replacers are designed for accelerated feeding programs at your local dealer.


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