At Grober Nutrition, we’ve been manufacturing milk replacer for 50 years.  This experience has led us to the creation of premium products that meet every producer’s livestock rearing needs.  From calves to lambs, kids to piglets, we have a full line of proven products for every species needs, right from the start.

We support Canadian farmers with on farm support and additional products to raise young animals.  Our support starts at the dealer level with training, trade show support, plant tours, and marketing material.  These are just a few of the many services we offer to help dealers support farmers to the best of their abilities.  On the farm level, Grober offers Calf Check-Up Audits, GroFacts, cost calculators, refractometer and water quality testing, and troubleshooting. Our dedicated team of Young Animal Specialists are committed to providing the best support possible to dealers and farmers alike. By staying up to date on the latest in young animal nutrition and care, our team not only offers premium products, but premium knowledge and service.

Why feed milk replacer?

Milk Replacer, whether for calves, kids, lambs or other young animals, offers sound, dependable and consistent nutrition.

In most commercial settings, milk from bulk tanks or individual cows can vary in macro and micro nutrients. Protein, fat, vitamins and mineral levels will vary in whole/waste milk. Whole/waste milk also often contains more water or lactose. Feeding milk replacer guarantees young animals are receiving consistent nutrition. This consistency allows farmers to grow a healthy, vibrant and profitable business.


We formulate our milk replacers based on optimal amino acid profiles to support growth and development.

Protein is essential for young animal growth, immunity and development. Proteins are large molecules made up of combinations of individual amino acids. At Grober Nutrition, we use dairy co-products as our primary sources of protein. Whey, whey protein concentrate, and skim milk powder are most often used to provide the protein and the lactose required for milk replacers.


Energy equals calories; young animals require calories to grow and develop.

Our milk replacers are formulated with optimal ratios of protein:fat. Formulas with optimal ratios of protein:fat will maximize uptake and growth.

To ensure maximum digestibility, we select a combination of edible grade fats. The fats we choose offer a unique fatty acid profile designed to optimize growth in young animals and potentially offer anti-microbial characteristics. In addition to edible-grade fats, lactose is used to provide energy in milk replacers. Young animals have limited gut enzymes but they do have lactase; lactose can be broken down into simple sugars and used as a readily available energy source.


Special consideration is taken when selecting vitamins and minerals for our milk replacers.

Our specifically manufactured premix for milk replacer offers improved solubility of these vitamins and minerals to ensure uniform mixing and suspension.  Polymer coatings extend the longevity of vitamin strength, giving our products increased shelf life.

Quality Assurance

At Grober Nutrition quality means everything. Providing a quality product that will optimize animal growth and health is our goal. We know that to achieve exceptional performance it’s essential to provide products that ease digestion for young animals. This begins with the creation of the right combination of raw materials.

Our commitment to excellence through the selection of food grade raw materials, is the main priority for our Quality Assurance team. In our on-site laboratory all raw materials must pass specific standards. All finished products are also tested before leaving the plant to ensure quality standards are met and surpassed.

Grober Nutrition is a proud participant in the HACCP (FeedAssure™) accreditation program. With our own internal commitment to superior quality, providing excellent products is always our top priority.

Our Research

The Grober Young Animal Development Centre (GYADC) is our central research facility where we showcase the latest in young animal nutrition, husbandry, management & technology. It’s located on the grounds of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario.

Beginning in the spring of 2009 the operation provides all visitors (farmers, students and industry groups) the opportunity to tour a facility exclusively devoted to young animal nutrition, health and management.

The GYADC is the only facility in North America to house animals individually and in groups, under one roof, and compare trial results for both systems. The GYADC has also been recognized as a leader in generating group housed calf data using the latest automatic feeding technology from Förster Technik.
Want to come and see if for yourself? We’d love to have you, head over to our contact page to schedule your tour.

We also invest in on-farm trials to put our products to the test in real life situations. Head over to the GroFacts section of our website where we publish trial summaries and results to learn more.