We are leading the way in on-farm feeding automation and group housing when it comes to calves, kids and lambs. Grober was the first to bring automated feeding solutions to Canada from Europe, working through our partnership with Forester Technik.

Our expertise has grown in providing our farmers and customers with customized trouble shooting solutions and on-farm nutrition assistance with our 40+ years in the milk replacer business. Grober is more than just milk replacer, we sell knowledge.

Grober ECO lamb kid feeder

The Grober ECO Feeder is the solution to your lamb and kid needs. Customized to most farm environments, the ECO Feeder helps grow strong and health lamb and kids with easy of use and management. Contact our team today for more information or to order an ECO Feeder.

Close up bolt screws and nuts

Looking for parts for your ECO feeder? Check online before you call in to order. Our full parts catalogue is available for you to browse, see up close pictures and request more information. We offer parts on for the ECO EZ1 and ECO EZ2 models.

Forster Technik logo

For many years Forester Technik and Grober have worked together promoting automation solutions for calves. They offer many solutions for your on-farm needs. Check out their latest products by visiting their website.

To purchase an ECO Feeder™ or order machine parts, please call our office at 1-800-265-7863