DOSTO® Oregano

DOSTO® Oregano is a dried oregano oil harvested from an exclusive variety of oregano and proprietary seed production by DOSTO® Farm. This dried oregano oil contains many bioactive components that are beneficial to young ruminants. Milk replacer with DOSTO® Oregano has been shown to improve digestion, growth, and reduce treatment and recovery times.

For more info on DOSTO® Oregano, read our GroFact here.

Features & Benefits:

  • Assists in minimizing diarrhea negative long term effects
  • Minimizes severity and impact of intestinal disorders
  • Helps reduce bloat in lambs & kids due to overdrinking
  • Supports balanced intestinal health for efficient nutrient utilization
  • Stimulating flavour and pleasant smell to maintain appetite
  • 100% natural source of oregano oil which is steam distilled (no chemicals added)

Included in these products:

Pro-Gro logo

Pro Gro contains pre and pro-biotic sources, yeast cell wall components, and essential oil blend and supplementary B vitamins. Blending these ingredients together and adding them to milk replacer formulas, provides added protection and regulation to the calf’s gut. Without regulation, the dynamic and very communicative gut environment can quickly become unbalanced and create an inflammatory response, leading to compromised growth and health status.

Features & Benefits

  • Probiotics provide a source of healthy bacteria
  • Prebiotics provide an energy source for healthy bacteria
  • Yeast cell wall contains mannan oligosaccharides and β-glucan, which agglutinate (bind) to pathogenic bacteria
  • A strategic blend right in the milk replacer for easy use, every day

Included in these products

Gro Mega logo

Gro Mega is a Grober Nutrition developed, proprietary encapsulated form of tributyrin for use in milk replacer. A tributyrin molecule is simply a glycerol backbone, with three butyric fatty acids joined to it. A naturally occurring source of butyric acid is butter, and other sources used in animal nutrition include butyric acid salts. These products quickly disassociate in solution (i.e. the animal’s stomach), and enter the bloodstream without potentially making it to the desired action site lower in the gut. By encapsulating tributyrin, pungent odour is eliminated compared to other butyrate products and we are able to deliver butyric acid molecules to the cells of the lower gut.

Features & Benefits

  • By encapsulating, the pungent odour normally associated with butyrate products is eliminated
  • Improved gut development and integrity
  • Increased feed efficiency

Included in these products

A+ logo

Our milk replacers that include the A+ logo, have been mildly acidified with organic acids to lower the pH level of the milk. These acids are added to the milk replacer at time of manufacture, which lowers the pH of the solution once mixed. Mild acidification does not lower the pH of the reconstituted milk replacer low enough to act as a preservative. It is recommended to discard leftover milk replacer after two to three hours sitting. To learn more about acidifying milk replacer, read our GroFact.

Features & Benefits

Mild acidification of milk replacer is associated with the following benefits:

  • Reduced scouring
  • Increased intakes
  • Lower pH in the abomasum
    • Expected to improve digestion of milk ingredients by facilitating the clot formation

Research from the GYADC

Treatment Health events Bodyweight gain (kg) Average Daily Gain (kg/day) Feed:Gain
2011 Summer 2010-2011 2011 Summer 2010-2011 2011 Summer 2010-2011 2011 Summer 2010-2011
Acidified MR 2 ± 1 56.2 ± 12.7 0.904 1.85
Grober Excel MR 3 ± 3 2.1 ± 1.1 50.8 ± 11.8 48.3 ± 8.5 0.789 0.766 2.51 2.16
P value 0.096 0.016 0.051 0.002 0.017 0.001 0.004 0.006

Protein Encapsulated Fat (PEF)


The Protein Encapsulated Fat (PEF) used in our milk replacers is manufactured by Grober Nutrition LLC, a Member of the Denkavit Group, in an edible grade production facility in Auburn, NY. Grober Nutrition retains exclusive rights to the PEF manufactured at this facility, making us the only Canadian company with access to this ingredient. To produce PEF, fats and oils are combined with dairy ingredients to form a protein encapsulated oil droplet, and then spray dried to produce a powdered fat product containing up to 60% fat.

Features & Benefits

  • Source of lactose that is very palatable
  • Increase energy density of ration
  • Mechanism to deliver bioactive ingredients
  • Consistent quality
    • Selectively sourced raw materials = consistent end product
  • Safety
    • Mitigation of process contaminant risks
  • Mechanics
    • Easy to use powder for pellet/mash applications
  • Nutritional
    • Stable emulsion, maximum surface area for digestion

Included in these products

PEF is included in all milk replacers produced by Grober Nutrition Inc. At Grober, we take pride in the quality products made at our facility, and have collaboratively designed our PEF ingredients to produce a superior milk replacer.