What is DOSTO Oregano?

A natural solution for optimized young animal health

Standout Quality

  • 100% natural source of oregano oil which is steam distilled (no chemicals added)
  • Grown within a specific region, and from one species of oregano to maximize consistency
  • Oregano oil is standardized across production using gas chromatography mass spectrometry, leading to guaranteed essential oil components for nine compounds
  • Bioactive compounds found in oregano oil have been shown to help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation
  • Stimulating flavour and pleasant smell

The use of plants in human medicine has a long rich history. Increasing demand for maximized animal production outputs per consumable resource, the use of plant compounds in animal feed can complement good management practices to optimize health and feed efficiency.

In vitro studies have shown the effects of using essential oils to interfere with the rate of bacterial growth, such as Salmonella, E.coli, and Clostridia. However, oregano oil, when compared to other common essential oils such as rosemary, thyme, and tea tree, has a stronger inhibitory effect. Moreover, it is not just a single type of compound within an essential oil providing this effect, the combination of components act in a synergistic manner.

Compounds within oregano oil, especially carvacrol and thymol, can diffuse across the cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria, such as, E. coli. When the compound enters the bacteria, the pH of the cytoplasm is lowered, disrupting the ion balance of the cell, and hindering the ability of the bacteria to produce ATP (energy). Without energy production, the bacteria reproductive rate will slow or die, thus, lowering the severity of illness and decreasing the time required for the immune system to overcome a challenge.

Other mechanisms of action of oregano oil are more indirect, brought about by the above mentioned effect. With a more stable, healthier population of bacteria in the gut, digestion and assimilation of nutrients is more effective, thus feed efficiency can be improved. Likewise, with a healthier gut microbe population, the immune response to good commensal microbes is in balance, and inflammatory responses kept in check.

How does this change the milk replacer?

  • The first noticed difference will be a pleasant smell
  • A natural ingredient in the toolbox to promote a healthy gut environment
  • Complements excellent farm management for raising strong, healthy young animals
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