Colostrum is the most important meal of a young animal’s life on the farm. Calves, lambs and kids all need the right tools, nutrition, management and care to get off to the right start.


Our colostrum replacement products are derived from 100% bovine colostrum, with nothing added, and nothing removed, to ensure all the benefits and protection are provided to the newborn animal. When fed as recommended, these products will provide successful passive transfer of immunity. Meaning, the young animal will get the immunoglobulins they need before their own immune system develops. Providing enough immune protection in a timely manner after birth is critical to provide a healthy start and maximize growth potential.


Our colostrum products can be used to fully replace maternal colostrum, AND supplement maternal colostrum. Having a colostrum management program on-farm is an excellent tool to facilitating this early life success. Below is our offering of high quality products that can be easily integrated into any colostrum management program.