CalfGro A+ milk replacer is a mildly acidified milk replacer designed for beneficial daily live weight gain and optimal health in dairy heifers. This calf milk replacer is designed for raising healthy, strong dairy replacement calves and grain-fed calves, and works in automatic calf feeding programs.

Producer Objectives

  • Raising replacement dairy heifers with steady daily live-weight gain
  • Reducing pathogenic growth and health events
  • Increasing nutrient absorption and average daily gains

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal levels of vitamins & minerals
  • Excellent palatability
  • Special ingredients for enhanced health (organic selenium, blend of organic acids)
  • Contains Grober specialty ingredient blends:

Mixing Directions

  1. Weigh 150g of powder per litre of solution using a scale
  2. Mix with 0.5 litre hot water (60˚C) for 3 minutes
  3. Add 0.45 litre cool water and mix for 1 minute (total 1 litre).
  4. Feed the milk solution at a temperature of 38-40˚C (body temperature) (thermometer provides best results).
  5. Clean all utensils and equipment after each feeding.

Feeding Schedule

Age of Calf Amount Per Feeding Number of Feedings/Day Total Amount Fed/Day
Day 1 Colostrum: 4L within 2hrs of birth and 2L within 6-8hrs of birth.
Day 2-4 1.5L 3 4.5L (675g of powder)
Day 5-7 2L 3 6L (90og of powder)
Week 2-6 3-4L 2 6-8L (900-1200g of powder)
Week 7-8 3-4L 1 3-4L (450-600g of powder)