• Kid goat peaking out from under picnic table in green grass

    A Review of Kid Goat Nutrition

    Describing the pre-ruminant At birth, kid-goats are not yet functioning ruminants – the rumen develops over time. The newborn kid-goat has an omasum and abomasum that comprises 70% of their digestive system compared to the adult goat where the rumen and reticulum make up 70% of their digestive system (Figure…

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  • Feeding Jersey Calves

    General Recommendations: Always feed colostrum, the more the calf gets before 6 hours of birth the better o   Aim for 4 litres/quarts within 6 hours and then another 2 litres/quarts before 24 hours o  Colostrum can be fed for several days and there is some evidence that colostrum after 24…

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