• Got Water?

    Water plays a big role in enhancing starter intake, and in the quality and deliverance of milk replacer. There are many factors that influence the success of the pre-weaning period of a calf’s life. A large emphasis is often placed on the importance of providing good quality and consistent feed…

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  • Preventing Abomasal Bloat

    Challenges faced by calves such as abomasal bloat and rumen drinking can often be avoided by maintaining optimal management practices. Symptoms of abomasal bloat Abomasal bloat onset tends to be difficult to alleviate, and there are many factors that can contribute to its onset. Often, calves less than 2 weeks…

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  • Surplus Calf Care

    Providing top care to both replacement heifers and the surplus calf is of utmost importance to improve profitability for the dairy farmer and veal or beef producer. Changes to the surplus calf market Discussions around surplus calf care have increased in recent years due to the genetic advancements of sexed…

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  • Optimal Feeding for Growth & Health

    The advantages and benefits of feeding calves proper amounts of milk to meet energy needs and growth targets is well established. In addition, following a gradual or step down weaning protocol over a minimum of two weeks is equally as important when bringing calves down from high milk allowances. Thirdly,…

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    Understanding the Fat in your Milk Replacer

    Fat digestion in the young calf Commercial milk replacers are often compared and evaluated based on the percentage of protein and fat on the label.  Discussion rarely delves into what makes up the components of fat and its effects on digestion, absorption or growth.  Fats are comprised of short chain,…

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  • Dairy calf laying in pen

    Improved Performance Through Weaning

    Weaning can be a stressful event for calves.  Taking the time to wean gradually can help reduce that stress and give the calf time to adjust their eating patterns to include more starter.  It is important to establish the right time to wean ensuring (a) the calf has received enough…

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