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Veal Feeding Program with VG

Product Profile

A specifically formulated calf milk replacer for excellence in raising GRAIN VEAL CALVES.

The Need

Young Holstein bull calves require a quality milk replacer to ensure a healthy start. Young calves that have been transported are severally energy deficient and under stress. The best way to counteract these conditions is to provide a dry clean environment and offer a quality milk replacer that will provide the necessary protein and fat to allow the calf to establish itself and the growth pattern to achieve, maximum gain.

The Feeding

In general Holstein bull calves are fed twice a day receiving approximately 2 litres per feeding. Grober VG 21/19 is designed for maximum growth and early development of muscle tissue of young bull calves and should be offered in concentrations of 125grams per litre of water and upwards of 3 litres per feeding twice a day once the calves are started. The liquid feeding program should continue until the calves are consuming 900 grams of calf starter per day for 3 consecutive days. The availability of clean fresh water is critical to dry matter intake and overall calf health and performance.


The liquid feeding portion of a grain veal program is the most critical and expensive portion of the rearing program. The limited time-scale of grain-veal production and the specific requirements for high daily live weight gain and muscle development requires careful attention to detail. It is essential that the calves receive maximum nutrient uptake via a high quality milk replacer to maximize rate of gain and growth potential. The cost of a milk replacer, in part is determined by the quality of the ingredients that are used. The quality of the ingredients also reflects on the calf’s ability to utilize the nutrients and convert those nutrients to meat and structural growth while allowing development of the immune system. Grober VG calf milk replacer is part of a full management program.

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