water buffalo

Producer Objectives

  • Artificially rearing newborn water buffalo calves
  • Feeding orphaned water buffalo calves

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to meet the nutrient requirements of a water buffalo calf
  • Balanced in minerals and vitamins and formulated to duplicate the protein and fat of the mother’s milk using analysis data from the literature

Mixing Directions

  1. Measure 160g of powder per litre of solution (A scale provides the best precision)
  2. Mix powder with 0.5 litre hot water (50-60°C) for 3 minutes using a whisk or paint mixer
  3. Add 0.4 litre cool water and mix for 1 minute (total 1 litre)
  4. Feed the milk solution at a temperature of 41-42°C (body temperature) (thermometer provides best results)

Management and Feeding Instructions

  • Newborn calves should receive colostrum within the first 6 hours of birth for optimal health
  • Buffalo calves can be fed 2-3 times/day from the beginning
    • Start them with 1.5-2L of milk at each feeding and gradually work up to 3-4 L/feeding 2x/day
  • Gradually wean calves by reducing the number of milk meals over 2 weeks
  • Good quality ad-libitum water should be made available from 2 weeks of age
  • Good quality hay should be made available at all times
    Good quality concentrate feed should be offered in small quantities from 2 weeks of age