Do you have questions about colostrum?

Our colostrum replacement products are derived from 100% bovine colostrum, with nothing added, and nothing removed, to ensure all the benefits and protection are provided to the newborn animal. When fed as recommended, these products will provide successful passive transfer of immunity, meaning, the young animal will get the immunoglobulins they need before their own immune system develops. Providing enough immune protection in a timely manner after birth is critical to provide a healthy start and maximize growth potential. Colostrum supplement products must not be fed as the sole source of colostrum as they do not contain enough immune protection. Grober Nutrition’s colostrum products can be used to fully replace maternal colostrum, AND supplement maternal colostrum.

What are Igs?

Immunoglobulin are abbreviated as “Ig”, with different types of immunoglobulins found in colostrum, however, IgG is the most plentiful. Immunoglobulins are a type of protein called antibodies, exerting different effects to ward off infection and pathogens.

Do colostrum replacement products work?

Yes! Calf’s Choice Total™, Gro-Start™, and LambGro KidGro Colostrum™ are rigorously tested to ensure that the young animal will receive the protection it needs under best management practices. Additionally, all of our colostrum replacer products are registered and approved as Veterinary Biologics by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

How do I feed Calf’s Choice Total (CCT) and GroStart colostrum replacers?

By Bottle: feed at ~7.5% body weight per meal, with the first meal occurring within two hours of birth, followed by a second meal, of the same volume, within the next 8 to 10 hours.

Esophageal tube feeder: feed no more than 10% body weight per meal, and only using a tube feeder if there is no suckle reflex. Follow up with a second meal within the next 8-10 hours, offering first with a bottle. Never tube feed less than 2 litres of colostrum replacer as passive transfer will not be obtained.

Supplementing maternal colostrum: for every desired increase in % Brix of maternal colostrum, add 15 grams of CCT. Best results will be seen with good quality (Brix >20%) and clean maternal colostrum. Supplement maternal colostrum during stressful conditions to the calf, such as dystocia and maternal heat stress during pregnancy (summer and early fall born calves).

Extended colostrum feeding: colostrum replacer may be mixed in equal parts with milk replacer or whole milk to provide a transition milk replacement feedings.

How much colostrum replacer should I feed?

The amount of colostrum replacer to feed will be determined by:

  • Time since birth the first meal of colostrum will be fed;
  • Quantity of Ig in colostrum fed;
  • Cleanliness of feeding equipment used, as bacterial contamination impairs Ig absorption;
  • Dystocia reduces ability of the young animal to absorb Ig;
  • Heat stressed experienced during pregnancy will also impair the ability of the young animal to absorb Ig

How much colostrum to feed in one meal

Note: 1 bag of Calf’s Choice Total colostrum replacer = 1.4L once mixed (displaced volume)

Calf Weight By Bottle By Tube Feeder
7.5% Body Weight Maximum per Feeding 10% Body Weight Maximum per Feeding
Litres per Feed # Bags/ Grams Litres per Feed # Bags/ Grams
25Kg (55lbs) 1.75 L 1 bag, 470g 2.5L 1 ½ bags, 705g
30Kg (66lbs) 2.0 L 1 ½ bags, 705g 3.0L 2 bags, 940g
35Kg (77lbs) 2.5 L 1 ½ bags, 705g 3.5L 2 ½ bags, 1175g
40Kg (88lbs) 3.0 L 2 bags, 940g 4.0L 2 ½ bags, 1175g
45Kg (100lbs) 3.0 L 2 bags, 940g 4.5L 3 bags, 1410g
50Kg (110lbs) 3.5 L 2 ½ bags, 1175g 5.0L 3 bags, 1410g

Optimal results will be seen when more colostrum replacer is fed over a minimum of two feedings within 12 hours of birth.

Feeding Enough Colostrum to Meet Transfer of Passive Immunity Standards
Standard: Fail Fair Good Excellent
Calf Blood Serum IgG Content: <10g/L 10-17.9g/L 18.0-24.9g/L >25g/L
Dose of Colostrum Replacer: <1 bag of CCT, OR feeding 1 bag of CCT <12 hours since birth 1 bag of CCT within 2 hours of birth, OR 1.5 bags of CCT within 6 hours of birth 1.5 to 2 bags of CCT within 2 to 6 hours of birth (1 to 2 meals) ≥2 bags of CCT within 2 to 6 hours of birth (1 to 2 meals)
Dose of IgG from Colostrum Replacer: >100g of IgG fed from colostrum 100 to 150g of IgG fed from colostrum 150 to 200g of IgG fed from colostrum ≥200g of IgG fed from colostrum

How do I mix colostrum powder?

One bag (or 470g of powder) shall be mixed with 1 litre (~4 cups) of warm (43 to 49˚C) water with a whisk, until the powder is dissolved. Note, the mixed solution will be thick, just as maternal colostrum tends to have a thicker consistency.

Can I refrigerate unused colostrum?

Yes, however, discard after 24 hours. Use a warm water bath to re-heat. Do not microwave.

How should I store opened bags or buckets of colostrum powder?

After opening, keep pouches and pails away from sources of heat and humidity to preserve the goodness inside! Ideally, store open pouches in a sealable plastic container, and open pails of colostrum kept with the lid tightly closed. Colostrum replacer has a shelf life of three years, however, poor storage conditions will reduce shelf life.

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