PACKAGING UPDATE – NEW LOOK for our 20kg bags

Our 20kg milk replacer bags have a new look! Over the last few years, we have been updating our packaging to give everything a fresh new look. Just like the science behind our products, our brand continues to evolve, innovate and reflect modern styles. All Grober milk replacer products ordered in our 20kg size will now be packaged in the new bags, pictured below. Our 10kg bags will be updated with the same new look over the next few months as we use up our current stock.

As already communicated, we have discontinued our ‘A+’ bags in order to simplify our ordering and filling system to better serve our customers. This new updated look is a continuation of our process to better manage bag stock and ensure timely filling and delivery of all Grober milk replacer products.

As always, the tag attached to the bag indicates the product. Tag colours will remain the same for all products.