Grober Nutrition joins Gay Lea Foods’ family

Grober Nutrition is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited to bring our Cambridge, Ontario-based commercial milk replacer business into the Gay Lea Foods’ family. The move will make Grober Nutrition Inc. the first integrated milk replacer company in Canada.

Gay Lea Foods is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated dairy and foods co-operative with members on 1,400 dairy farms across Ontario and Manitoba, and more than 4,200 producer and investor shareholders. As renowned for its co-operative-inspired values as it is for its high-quality, innovative and award-winning dairy products, the co-operative is the first of its kind to include licensed dairy cow and dairy goat members, and process both kinds of milk into a range of dairy products.

As a committed partner to the Canadian dairy industry, Grober proudly manufactures products that contribute to a healthy and robust dairy industry, supported by unrivaled on-farm nutritional support to optimize young animal growth and increase productivity.

Given Grober’s integration with the dairy industry, this move was a natural fit. Our products start at the farm and finish at the farm, and our commitment to quality and innovation align well with Gay Lea Foods’ own core business priorities.

Grober Nutrition Inc., as it will be known under the Gay Lea Foods umbrella, will continue to operate as a separate legal entity from Gay Lea Foods upon the completion of the deal, which is expected to close on October 30, 2020.  This means there will be minimal disruption to our business operations and that the Grober legacy will continue through our company, employees, customers, and brand.

We are excited to join the Gay Lea Foods family and look forward to collaborating on our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality milk replacers in the industry.

Thank you for your business and for the relationships we’ve built over the years.  We will continue to work hard to be a great partner and we’re confident Gay Lea Foods will do the same.