Grober Nutrition announces new brand – Grober Pets

Grober Nutrition is excited to announce the launch of Grober Pets. We are taking our manufacturing and milk replacer expertise in to the companion animal world, producing milk replacer products for puppies and kittens. With over 40 years in the milk replacer business, we have decided to expand our product line to now offer puppy and kitten powdered milk replacers in a smaller retail size.

Our growing company is ever changing and improving to offer the best products, leading research and care recommendations, and we are excited to expand this into the companion animal industry. To lead this expansion, we have welcomed Bianca Di Sabatino as our Pet Product Specialist. Bianca has a Master of Science degree from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College, in the Department of Clinical studies with a focus on companion animal nutrition. During her studies, Bianca gained knowledge about the pet food manufacturing industry and has also worked at veterinary practices. Her expertise in the companion animal industry makes her a great asset and resource for Grober Pets.

Our new line of pet products features updated formulations with added ingredients to meet the specific needs of puppies and kittens to ensure proper growth, packaged in ideal sizes for the retail dealers looking to provide solutions to their pet-parent customers and breeders. For more information, be sure to follow us on Instagram @groberpet, visit our new website and like us on Facebook, or reach out to Bianca at

To order product, contact our customer service representative at or 1-800-265-7863 ext. 210.