PuppyGro Milk Replacer

Give your puppies the best start in life with PuppyGro, a premium milk replacer carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients. PuppyGro is designed to provide a consistent nutritional source for newborn puppies, or to supplement feed large litters. PuppyGro is formulated with calcium and phosphorus, to support proper growth and health of newborn puppies. It’s also perfect as a meal topper for dogs to add an extra boost of nutrition to their daily food!

Features & Benefits

  • Contains natural bovine colostrum to boost the immune system
  • Made for artificially rearing newborn puppies
  • Allows for supplement feeding of large litters
  • Consistent nutritional source
  • Formulated with calcium and phosphorus to support proper growth
  • Tasty and nutritious meal topper for growing puppies or adult dogs

Mixing instructions:

  1. Measure 1 level scoop of milk replacer and mix with 2 scoops (30mL) of hot (60°C) water.
  2. Mix thoroughly for 30 seconds, or until well incorporated.
  3. Allow milk replacer to cool slightly, feeding at body temperature (38°C). To mix total daily amount, keep refrigerated for up to 24 hours in clean sealed container. Reheat by warm water bath.

Feeding chart:

Age in Days
Meals per Day
Small Breed
(150g birth weight)
Total Per Day
Meduim Breed
(300g birth weight)
Total Per Day
Large Breed
(450g birth weight)
Total Per Day
Day 1-2
40 ml
80 mL
120 mL
Day 3-6
65 mL
125 mL
190 mL
80 mL
160 mL
235 mL
120 mL
235 mL
355 mL
175 mL
355 mL
530 mL

Feeding calculator:

Puppy Size

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Dried whey protein concentrate, pork fat, coconut oil, dried whey, dextrose, dicalcium phosphate, sugar, natural bovine colostrum, lecithin, calcium carbonate, vanilla flavour, choline chloride, vitamin E, iron sulphate, zinc sulphate, niacin, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, thiamin, copper sulphate, manganese sulphate, riboflavin, vitamin A , vitamin B6, menadione (source of vitamin K activity), folic acid, cobalt sulphate, selenium, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin D3.

Keep out of direct sunlight in a dry location at or below 25°C.

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