How to clean bottles & nipples [Kitten]

Newborn puppies and kittens have very naïve immune systems. Severe infections can be introduced and spread when feeding, by bacterial contamination of nipples and bottles. Cleaning ALL feeding utensils and equipment after feeding is critical to the maintenance of good health in newborns. If the equipment and feeding utensils are not clean enough to feed […]

Tracking growth [Kitten]

If possible, puppies and kittens should be weighed twice daily for the first 4 weeks of life to monitor proper weight gain. Weight loss or failure to gain weight is one of the first indications of health problems. Healthy puppies and kittens should gain 5-10% birth weight per day for the first 3-4 weeks of […]

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Elimination & stimulation – they need your help! [Kitten]

Newborn puppies and kittens need to be stimulated after feeding in order to urinate and defecate for the first few weeks of life. Stimulation is usually done by the mother, however, if you are raising an orphan a moist cotton ball or wash cloth can be used to gently massaging the area after feeding. Defecation […]

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Do not over feed! Know their stomach capacity [Kitten]

Avoid overfeeding at each meal! Puppies/kittens will tell you when they are full by rejecting the bottle. Due to their small stomach capacity rapid feeding, force feeding, and overfeeding can all lead to aspiration, regurgitation, diarrhea, and bloating.