Do not over feed! Know their stomach capacity [Kitten]

Avoid overfeeding at each meal! Puppies/kittens will tell you when they are full by rejecting the bottle. Due to their small stomach capacity rapid feeding, force feeding, and overfeeding can all lead to aspiration, regurgitation, diarrhea, and bloating.

Feeding frequency [Kitten]

Nursing allows for suckling small amounts of milk throughout the day, however, this is not possible when puppies/kittens are hand raised. Due to their small stomach capacities, newborns cannot handle large volumes of milk per feeding, therefore, require multiple meals per day especially within the first two weeks of life. In general:

Why feed milk replacer vs. other animal’s milk? [Kitten]

Compared to mother’s milk, cow’s milk is low in protein, fat and calories required for proper puppy and kitten growth. It also contains high levels of lactose, which may cause severe diarrhea and discomfort in newborns. Our milk replacers are specifically formulated for each species to closely mimic mothers milk. They are nutritionally balanced and […]

Why feed milk replacer? [Kitten]

When newborns do not have access to their mother’s milk due to mother’s absence, rejection, or inadequate supply/quality of milk, species-specific milk replacement is required. Our PuppyGro and KittenGro milk replacement is instrumental in hand-rearing orphans, feeding weak or rejected puppies or kittens, and supplemental nutrition for large litters.

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