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Inspired by the love of pets, our products nourish the health, wellness and vitality of pets, right from the start™


Right from the start™

High quality milk replacer designed to closely mimic mother’s milk and provide all the nutrients they need


Superfood support

Support your pet’s immune system naturally, with Grober Pets Colostrum


Grober milk replacer

  • Made in Canada
  • Contains natural bovine colostrum
  • Easy to mix & digest
  • No refrigeration required

Grober Pets Colostrum

  • Made in Canada
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Promotes healthy skin & hair coat

Company Principles

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“This milk supplement is marvelous!! It quickly dissolves in warm water leaving no lumps that could potentially clog the nipple. The kittens thrive drinking KittenGro. I am very confident using it with my neonatal rescues. Thank you for this product.”

~ Tracy, kitten rescuer

Great product! The formula is much better than other kitten milk replacers I've used. I highly recommend it.

~ Sabrina

Amazing product... mixes without clumping, kittens take it readily and produces great poops!

~ Therese

The best kitten milk replacer I’ve tried. It mixes easily and thoroughly and mom and babies love it. Grober is highly superior to other brands.

~ Lori

My favorite kitten milk! No clumps or greasy film on the bottle.

~ Tracy

This is by far one of the very best kitten milk replacements we’ve tried. It emulsifies better than most. The kittens don’t get constipated with it. Health wise they do amazing with it. I’m a full believer in this product and won’t be going back to the other brands. Grober put a ton of research in this product!

~ Rita

Wonderful product. It dissolves very quickly and is very smooth for syringe feeding. The orphaned kittens readily accepted it and can't smack it down fast enough. No digestive upset transitioning from mother's milk. It's very easy to use and the kittens are doing very well on it. A life saver for these tiny kittens.

~ Cathy

Saves Lives

To anyone that is raising neonatal kittens - this is THE best formula. They have gained 20+ grams daily since starting this formula, and have had zero health concerns or scares (which is rare since they’ve been bottle fed from birth)

~ PetSmart customer

Doesn't clump easy to mix

This milk replacer is amazing! It mixes very easily and doesn't clump at all which is great especially when having to syringe newborns.

~ PetValu customer

Wow is it awesome!

I was having troubles with a popular brand of kitten milk replacer giving my current litter horrible diarrhea within 24 hours of starting it, so I went and grabbed a bag of your KittenGro. Wow is it awesome! After about 2 feedings their diarrhea stopped and they were eating it way more willing than the other brand. No clumps, no residue that takes forever to clean out of the bottles, it's just great!!

~ Brittiny, Feline Friends Network Stratford foster

We are 20 year CKC registered whippet breeders. Our most recent litter was larger than normal and we had 3 very small pups. We sponge fed them PuppyGro and these puppies flourished. They loved the formula and grew like weeds. I am convinced PuppyGro saved their lives.

~ Laurie & Rick

We bought this for one of our tiny newborn pups with cleft palette who wasn’t feeding well. She took really well to it from a syringe and started growing great. We bought it because it has colostrum in it. Now our dog (the mother) eats it very enthusiastically on top of her kibble. Super happy this was available at our pet store.

~ Sarah

Excellent milk replacer

I bought this a month ago and have noticed the puppies have gained so much weight with this product. Would totally recommend.

~ PetSmart customer