Grober High Performance milk replacer is balanced to efficiently meet energy and protein requirements for growth. This quality milk replacer has been well researched at Grober’s Young Animal Development Centre, and makes an excellent fit for automatic calf feeding programs.

Producer Objectives

  • Raising replacement dairy heifers with significant daily live-weight gain
  • Optimizing rumen development through grain/water intake
  • Improved immunity function by providing adequate levels of protein and balanced nutrition

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for sustained and optimal growth
  • Improved heifer health, growth, and future milk production
  • Designed for use in automatic feeding systems

Mixing Directions

  1. Weigh 5oz of powder per quart of solution using a scale
  2. Mix with 0.5 qt hot water (140˚F) for 3 minutes. Add 0.45 qt cool water and mix for 1 minute (total 1 quart)
  3. Feed the milk solution at a temperature of 100-104˚F (body temperature) (thermometer provides best results)

Feeding Schedule

Age of Calf Amount Per Feeding Number of Feedings/Day Total Amount Fed/Day
Day 1 Colostrum: 4qt within 2hrs of birth and 2qt within 6-8hrs of birth.
Day 2-4 1.5qt 3 4.5qt (22.5oz of powder)
Day 5-7 2qt 3 6qt (30oz of powder)
Week 2-7 3-4qt 2-3 6-12qt (30-60oz of powder)
Week 8 2-4qt (weaning) 1-2 2-8qt (10-40oz of powder)