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The science of egg-based antibody production shows passive immunity is transferred via the egg. While the egg is developing, the hen produces antibodies, functional proteins and other key nutritional components that transform into the ultimate animal supplement for young dairy, veal and beef calves.

Protimax consists of spray dried whole eggs containing egg-based antibodies derived from hens strategically vaccinated with specific antigens over time. Protimax may improve performance and maintain feed intake when specific challenges arise. Protimax is the “original egg antibody,” which has been utilized worldwide for over 20 years. Protimax is unique, safe, specific and effective.

The Making of Protimax

  • Using patented protocols, hens are vaccinated against specific antigen groups that typically affect young calves.
  • Protimax eggs are collected, broken, pasteurized and spray dried as whole eggs in a USDA Food Grade facility. Our patented manufacturing process maintains the quality and integrity of our antibodies.
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Feeding Instructions

  1. As standard practice, Protimax should be mixed so that each calf receives 4 grams daily for the first three weeks of life
  2. Protimax mixes well into milk and milk replacer. It is best pre-mixed in a smaller volume before adding to larger mixing tanks.
  3. When manufacturing commercial milk replacers, Protimax should be included at 8.8 to 17.6 lbs per ton, depending on the overall product goals.
  4. Calves may receive larger doses of up to 10 grams of Portimax immediately after receiving colostrum to optimize protection.
  5. Protimax contains functional proteins that are heat sensitive. Avoid temperatures above 160°F (71ºC) in pelleting or other processes.
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Protimax product packing

Product will be available to puchase in 1 kg bags.

The Protimax family of products for calvesManagement Recommendations

Protimax EC-404 and Protimax SL-503 can be used as individual products or pre-blended as Protimax for Calves.

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Protimax encompases the WHOLE egg

Intestinal pathogens such as rotavirus, E. coli, and salmonella are among the greatest challenges faced by young calves. Protimax eggs contain all passively transfered immune factors that the hen produces, including antibodies, functional proteins and other key nutritional components. Protimax is “food for the immune system,” which coopertate with the entire digestive system, helping young calves copes with life cahllenges.

The safe and natural way. Protimax is pasteurized, natural dietary additive. It is not a drug or antibiotic and does not activate the animal’s immune system. Research trials have shown enhanced nutritional performance, improved health from better nutritional performance, improved health from better nutrition and a better bottom line. Protimax brings peace of mind to both farmers and consumers.

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