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Product Details

  • Contains natural bovine colostrum
  • 32% PROTEIN
  • 26% FAT

Features & Benefits

  • For artificially rearing newborn kittens
  • Allows for supplement feeding large litters
  • Consistent nutritional source
  • Formulated with Taurine to support proper growth
  • Tasty and nutritious meal topper for growing kittens or adult cats


  1. Measure 1 level scoop of milk replacer and mix with 2 scoops (30mL) of hot (60°C) water.
  2. Mix thoroughly for 30 seconds or until well incorporated using a good whisk.
  3. Allow milk replacer to cool slightly, feeding at body temperature (38-40°C). To mix total daily amount, keep refrigerated for up to 24 hours in clean sealed container. Reheat by warm water bath.


Increase amounts gradually over week. Adjust amount with size of kitten.

Amount per Feeding
Amount per Day
<1 week
3 mL
30 mL
1 week
5 mL
50 ml
2 weeks
8-10 mL
70 ml
3 weeks
10-12 mL
90 ml
4 weeks
12-16 mL
115 mL
5 weeks
16-20 mL
135 mL

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Crude Protein
32% min
Crude Fat
26% min
Crude Fibre
0.15% max
6.5% max
4% max
1% actual
0.8% actual


  • Wash hands before handling and feeding kitten.
  • Typically feed 3-4% of bodyweight per feeding with 8-10 feedings per day for first 3 weeks, (e.g. 25% of bodyweight over 24 hour period at birth). Average kitten birth-weight is 120 grams.
  • Frequent feeding of small amounts decreases chances of digestive upsets.
  • Boil fresh water before reconstituting KittenGro. Allow cooling time.
  • Reconstituted KittenGro may be refrigerated up to 24 hours
  • Reconstituted KittenGro should be fed at 38°C (body temperature). Use a thermometer.
  • Discard any unused portion after 24 hours.
  • Clean ALL feeding utensils and equipment after each feeding: rinse in lukewarm water, wash with a detergent in hot (80ºC) water, rinse with clean water (ideally a 10% bleach solution) and dry thoroughly with a clean towel.
  • At 4 weeks old, begin teaching kittens to drink from a saucer.
  • Weaning can begin at 4 weeks by introducing wet solid food.
  • Provide fresh water to kittens, starting at 3 weeks old.
  • Continue milk feeding for weak or convalescing kittens until their growth rates normalize.

9 reviews for KittenGro

  1. Sabrina

    Great product! This formula is much better than KMR… I highly recommend it!

  2. Therese Mc

    Amazing product.. mixes without clumping, kittens take it readily and produces great poops!

  3. Lori

    The best kitten milk replacer I’ve tried. It mixes easily and thoroughly and Mom and babies love it. Grober is highly superior to KMR.

  4. Tracy

    My favorite kitten milk! No clumps or greasy film on the bottle.

  5. Rita Woodman

    Per A Worthy Claws Rescue Society of BC
    This is by far one of the very best kitten milk replacements we’ve tried. It emulsifies better than most especially the big one that starts with a K. The kittens don’t get constipated with it. Health wise they do amazing with it. I’m a full believer in this product and won’t be going back to the other brands. Grober put a ton of research in this product!

  6. ANNETTE Smith

    The best milk replacer ever.
    I went to Masterfeeds to buy more. But were out so I went home with KMR bad mistake all lumpy and kits wont touch it.
    I just have to try another location quickly to get your brand.

  7. Anonymous

    Decided to try a bag of this after using up my can of KMR. It mixes SO much better. No clumps. It definitely smells different. 2/3 kittens unaffected by the change. 1 kitten didn’t seem crazy about the new taste at first. Would likely buy again over the KMR

  8. Cathy Kerr

    Wonderful product. It dissolves very quickly and is very smooth for syringe feeding. The orphaned kittens readily accepted it and can’t smack it down fast enough. No digestive upset transitioning from mothers milk. It’s very easy to use and the kittens are doing very well on it. A life saver for these tiny kittens.

    • Megan Wright

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! It’s great to hear that you are happy with the product and that the kittens are doing well. Thank you for caring for them!

  9. Margarita

    Our kittens are using it and they all love it. Great product!

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