Grober Equalizer calf milk replacer has been formulated to strategically optimize steady growth of calves using quality plant proteins, and a balanced amino acid profile. Grober Equalizer has been field tested as an altnerative to an all milk protein milk replacer during times of increased feed costs.

Producer Objectives

  • Raising replacement dairy heifers with good daily live-weight gain
  • Optimizing rumen development through grain/water intake
  • Improving immunity function by providing adequate levels of protein and balanced nutrition

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to optimize early growth in heifer calves using high quality plant proteins
  • Designed for use in automatic feeding systems

Mixing Directions

  1. Weigh 150g of powder per litre of solution using a scale
  2. Mix with 0.5 litre hot water (60˚C) for 3 minutes
  3. Add 0.45 litre cool water and mix for 1 minute (total 1 litre)
  4. Feed the milk solution at a temperature of 38-40˚C (body temperature) (thermometer provides best results)
  5. Clean all feeding utensils and equipment after each use

Feeding Schedule

Age of Calf
Amount Per Feeding
Number of Feedings/Day
Total Amount Fed/Day
Day 1 (colostrum)
4L within 2hrs of birth and 2L within 6-8hrs of birth.
Day 2-4
1.5L (225g powder)
4.5L (675g of powder)
Day 5-7
2L (300g powder)
6L (900g of powder)
Week 2-6
3-4L (450-600g powder)
9L (1350g of powder)
Week 7-8 (weaning)
3-4L (450-600g powder)
3-4L (450-600g of powder)