What’s your perfect work day/week?

A week with plenty of farm calls, and maybe a few seminars on young animal rearing and management.

Tell us what your favourite thing about working in agriculture is…

Being able to help farmers get better results, and be more successful often with just minor tweaks to what to they are already doing.

Describe yourself in 1-5 words

Canada’s best looking feed rep.

Why Grober Nutrition?

Besides being a great employer, Grober Nutrition has a great reputation as an industry leader. I enjoy working for Grober because I can be confident each and every day that I am doing right by my customers.

Words to live by

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”


Top thing on your bucket list:

Drive the entire length of the Pan-American Highway

Favourite hobby:


Who is your favourite TV character?

Captain ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce – M.A.S.H.