Calf Rail Feeding System

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CalfRail now offers the world’s first technical solution for automatically feeding individually penned calves animal by animal, in small, freshly prepared servings up to eight times a day. This creates the conditions for intensive raising in the very first days of life.

Less work, more flexibility.

CalfRail is controlled and supplied by a calf feeder. This eliminates the need for feed preparation, transportation and feed dispensing. The manual cleaning of buckets and equipment is no longer necessary. This saves a considerable amount of time. Animal control and care can be flexibly integrated into the workflow. The calf feeder delivers the information required for optimum calf management (e.g. feed consumption and drinking speed) at the push of a button.

Calf Feeder Vario controls and supplies CalfRail

  • Combination of Group housing and individual housing
  • Easy transition from individual hutches to groups
  • Controlled feeding of the Calves from the first day on
  • Rearing data available from the first day of life